The Importance Of Staying Safe When Inverting

If your doctor has suggested inversion therapy for your back pain and if you are planning to shop for an inversion table, you should definitely consider your safety when inverting.

Most doctors these days recommend their patients with back pain to opt for inversion therapy. However, it is highly important that the safety and comfort of the inversion table should be considered when shopping for such a table for treatment. The reason is that when the right table is not selected, the effects can be opposite and rather than pain relief, you will start experiencing worse pain all through your back. However, doctors suggest that muscle spasms occur in some patients taking inversion therapy when they overdo the therapy. So, they recommend their patients that they should not do inversion therapy as and when needed and they should follow a strict and safe routine. An individual suggested to take up this therapy should follow the directions of the doctor with respect to using the table to avoid ill-effects like muscle spasms due to a continuous and inappropriate use of inversion therapy.

Benefits of Inversion therapy:

Not just for back pain relief, inversion therapy is something highly beneficial and it can bring a wide range of benefits for physical fitness, mental health, circulatory system, respiratory system, improvement in digestive and immune function and it will also bring cosmetic benefits. This is why inversion tables are gaining more and more popular these days. When an individual plans to shop for an inversion table, different points are to be considered, such that he/she can get the right benefits associated with this table and inversion therapy. There are instances of patients requiring back pain surgery getting relief from pain and its effects with inversion therapy that too without the need for surgery. But, it should be remembered that an individual should ensure his/her safety when inverting to reduce the chances of ill-effects of wrong inversion postures.

What should be done during the first week of treatment?

Specialists in inversion therapy suggest that during the first week of treatment with this therapy, an individual should take up the therapy only for a period of three to five minutes per day.

Second week:

Once the first week is successfully completed with some sort of relief from back pain, it is better to double the time of inversion as compared to the first week. This means that three to five minutes of inversion can be done for two times a day.

Slow and steady progression:

Doctors also suggest that in this way, a patient should follow this therapy in slow and steady progression and should not overdo it. This therapy should be followed similar to that of weight lifting. You should start with small and should slowly and steadily increase the time. Also, doctors state that inversion therapy is not a miracle and slow and steady pace will help with achieving safe and long-term benefits.

So, follow inversion with the right table and the right schedule as per the advice of your doctor or a physical therapist to ensure the best benefits.