Inversion Therapy at Managing Low Back Pain in Teenagers

Low back pain continues to be a leading cause of health concern for many teenagers. For parents, we often struggle to find a way to alleviate the low back pain effectively, often finding there is no one cure to the health complication. If your teenager suffers from chronic low back pain, it is important to consider what physical activity, or inactivity, may play a role, but to also seek innovative forms of treatment for the low back pain.

Because there is some concern over the use of prescription medications in teenagers, some parents are turning to alternative forms of healing of low back pain. One of the more recent types of alternative healing that has come to the forefront of attention is the use of inversion therapy and roptrotherapy. Predominantly used in the treatment of soft tissue issues, many teenagers are finding great relief of low back pain with the use of inversion therapy.

Roptrotherapy is a form of therapy that involves the techniques of Swedish massage with direct pressure placed upon the muscles that are tense. With this procedure, direct pressure is applied to the muscles affected, at a specific level of pressure, believed to tear down the development of any adhesions within those muscles. This breakdown in adhesions often leads to alleviation in back pain.

What many therapists have found is that, in teenagers with low back pain, when that pain is not effectively managed, there may be a lifelong development of soft tissue back pain. Muscle, before the healing process even begins, may harden and develop into chronic pain complications. For this reason, if your teenager is complaining of low back pain, be certain to ask about massage therapy and, in particular, the use of roptrotherapy.

While some degree of muscle pain is to be expected in teenagers, primarily due to growth spurts, if your teen complains of low back pain for more than two to three weeks, medical evaluation is recommended. For teenagers, it is important, however, to consider treatment options that do not require prescription medications and, instead, introduce alternative healing options.

In many massage therapy and physical therapy centers, the therapists are trained in the latest form of low back pain, combining techniques of deep Swedish massage, known as inversion table. With proper intervention, the development of muscle hardening can be averted and any adhesions that do develop can be broken with the right amount of pressure at the very core of the muscle tension.

Otherwise, using Inversion Tables is still one of the best ways to lower low back pain.

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