5 Inversion Table Benefits You May Not Know

Inversion tables are instruments of inversion therapy that have been found to be beneficial in pain relief. These tables specifically target the root cause of your pain and help to cure them. Many Americans are afflicted by aches in different parts of the body. The sad part is that many choose to ignore the symptoms and prefer to suffer silently.  The good news is that you don’t have to live in oblivion anymore. Teeter, one of the leading brands in promoting the use of inversion tables consider this as a top treatment option for curing backaches, stress, poor posture and many others.

Inversion Table Benefits and Inversion Therapy

Now, the question that would be doing its rounds in your mind is – what are the benefits of an inversion table?  Is it really effective? Read on you will get an idea about the benefits of inversion tables and how to use it to target the source of pain.

  • Lighten up your mind: Inversion therapy is considered as a proven method to ease the stress; and Teeter has developed an inversion table that can be used to release stress from your neck, back, and shoulder areas.
  • Back pain relief: To eradicate back pain the inversion therapy focuses on the whole spinal column. This is achieved by relaxing the muscles through inversion. By inverting, your spinal discs get more hydration and get realigned to reduce the pressure.
  • Increase in flexibility: Even if you do not have any health issues, inversion tables allow you to stay healthy, flexible and active.
  • Improve core strength: Using inversion tables you can improve the core strength of your body. When I say core strength it means you get more energy to carry out body building exercises like sit-ups.
  • Healthy joints: Your joints are given the effect of shock absorber using cartilages. Inversion table helps you to maintain healthy cartilages in your joints.

How inversion tables eradicate the root cause of your pain?

For any problem, the right approach is to find out the root cause and solve it. Inversion table is not different from that. In America, thousands are going through surgeries to get relief from pain. Even though this will give temporary relief chances of getting future problems are high and the complications are countless. Inversion table is the sole solution for this since it targets the root cause of the pain. Inversion table adopts a method that cares for all the weight bearing joints while focusing on the source of pain. This is known as the nurturing method.

Stretching spinal column is an effective method to give you a healthy spinal column. This can be accomplished by inverting. Inverting not only improves the spinal column health it also helps you to fight your back pain and associated problems. If you ask me to put the benefits of inversion table in one sentence I will say – it gives instant hydration of your discs, gradually realigns your spinal column, reduces nerve pressure, and removes muscle tension.

Inversion table to stay fit

Even though the main goal of inversion tables was pain relief; now they are designed keeping the fitness also in mind. For example, if you want any change to your abdominal area (like reduce belly fat) inversion tables provide the ideal environment. You get the optimum result when you perform sit-up and other heavy workouts in an inversion table. Just imagine how challenging it is to perform sit-up when you are hanging down 180 degrees. We all know that squats strengthen your quads and hamstrings. You can perform squats in an inversion table. You have to perform inverted squats. This will also give a perfect sculpture for our legs.

Teeter and other manufacturers of the best inversion tables give you a training DVD or CD along with their product. This is to facilitate you to take maximum benefit out of the inversion table. The training material usually contains all the information needed for all the exercises, for healthy internal obliques, external obliques, back muscles, and abdominal area. But just make sure that you perform all these exercises on an inversion table. If you perform these without an inversion table it may damage your whole spinal column. With inversion table, you do not have to worry about compression loads on your spine.

All the information about benefits of inversion therapy using inversion table

inversion table benefitsWe have already discussed the benefits you get from using an inversion table. This section covers all the aspects of these benefits and everything you need to know about inversion table.

Ease Stress

Your body is programmed in a unique way to alert you if you are over stressed. Even though the communication method is different your body will surely inform you about it. Some of the common symptoms are headache, pain, spasms and even muscle tension. If you have any of these signs continuously understand that your body is warning you that your lifestyle needs to be changed. This is your body’s way to let you know that you are doing wrong. You have to consider changing the way you work.

When you lie down on an inversion table your body is positioned in a way to give you a rejuvenating therapy by tuning you into a calm silence. Like this, an inversion table can be used as a therapy to reduce stress and aid in relaxation. Do not wonder – these are scientifically studied and proven facts. World famous physiotherapist LJ Nose conducted a study in which he proved that muscle tension declined more than 10% after the patient started using an inversion table. He noticed this change within 10 seconds so you can be rest assured that this is effective both short-term and long-term.

Stimulating blood circulation

The cardiovascular system contains components like arteries, veins, and capillaries other than your heart. You have to take care of all these components because the transportation system with the heart as its center carries nutrients and oxygen to keep you alive. The blood with oxygen is transported from lungs to the heart and through arteries the cleansed blood is circulated to your entire body. You can adopt the inversion therapy if you want to improve the transportation system since your entire body relies on it. By providing a reverse gravitational force the transportation of blood will be easier and effective.

Orientation and body balance

Many of us are unaware of the body balance. You need your body to be balanced to carry out our day-to-day activities. You may also be unaware of the fact that your ears control your entire body balance. Inversion therapy helps you to improve your body balance too. This is achieved by stimulating inner ears that is possible by inversion therapy.

For springboard divers, fitness enthusiasts, skydivers, gymnasts, and scuba divers balance is very important and they rely on inversion table to achieve this. Another reason for using an inversion table for improved body balance is the fact that it fine-tunes inner ears and body to the inverted position. This fact is proved by studies and researches. If you are suffering from motion sickness inversion therapy can be an effective treatment for you. This is because of the normalization of ear canals when you use an inversion table. However, this is yet to be proved.

Pain relief

The most important benefit of inversion therapy is the pain relief you get. Even though the inversion table is a great success in reducing back pain, you can also use this to reduce pain across your body. A lymphatic wash helps the athletes to escape from muscle spasms and stiffness. An inversion table is the best method for an effective lymphatic wash. This therapy was already incorporated in the recovery exercises for athletes.

You would have noticed that your muscles get sore after exercise and this is due to the formation of lactic acid and cellular debris in your muscles. Unlike our cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump and hence you have to intervene. When you use inversion table the gravity is in the opposite direction and this causes the lactic acid to be pushed up to your chest area taking out all your body pains. Inversion therapy empowers the lymphatic system to clean up quickly.

Strengthening Core muscles

Core muscles are those present in your abdominal area and lower back. These muscles are responsible for maintaining postures and power of movement.  If you have weak muscles in this area that will cause you to slump forward or increase risks of misalignment. Using an inversion table you can maintain healthy core muscles and proper spinal alignment which is essential for your day-to-day activities.

Overall fitness

Well, many are unaware about the term functional fitness. Functional fitness is a measure of your ability to be active and flexible throughout your life span. By ‘function’, the reference is to the state where every part of your body is operating at its best in fittest and healthiest manner. This includes your physical strength, flexibility, and the cardiovascular system. Inversion therapy has been proven to be instrumental in achieving full functional fitness. Inversion tables are very useful in sharpening your circulatory system and providing a relaxing therapy to the whole body.  As you get accustomed to inversion, you will find your joints, and spinal column becoming more flexible.