How to choose the Inversion Table That Fits Your Needs

If you are planning to invest on an inversion table, regardless of the purpose of investing, it is important that you will have to consider certain points.

choose inversion tableIt is normal for most humans in the present sedentary lifestyle to get back pain at least in some point of their life. When it comes to back pain relief, inversion therapy is the widely accepted treatment nowadays. If you have this problem and if your doctor has suggested inversion therapy, it is important that you will have to consider certain factors when shopping for such a table, such that you can get the best results.


Point to remember:

The most important thing you will have to remember when shopping for an inversion table is that all tables are not equally created. It is highly important that you should be careful about selecting a table that will last longer. A good table can be adjusted to meet your height and weight with just simple movements. For instance, a good table should have height adjustment to accommodate any individual between the height of 4.8 and 6.8 inches. Weight is also important and the table should stay comfortable even when an individual with 25 pounds of weight use it. Here are other points you will have to consider in shopping for the right inversion table.

Ease of use:

This should be your first consideration as you are planning to use it for a treatment. A good table should provide you with head support and padding, such that you can stay comfortable during your treatment sessions. But, you should remember that some types of padding can lead to friction against some types of clothes. So, you should carefully consider the fabrics that will convenient lie against the padding of the table.


A good inversion table should provide secure support not just to your ankles, but also to your feet without holding tightly. Also, when the table is operated, you should feel secure and supported. But, the thing you will have to remember here is that there will be initially some spinal discomfort in your inversion therapy, but it will quickly disappear once you get used to the therapy. In short, safety is an important consideration when shopping for an inversion table. You should take a look at here for more details: Stay safe while inverting.


This is yet another crucial consideration. For instance, when you find it difficult to assemble the table and if it is bulky to handle, you will not be using it frequently after some days of initial use. So, expediency should be given importance and you should check whether the table provides a sturdy yet lightweight frame. Also, you should find the table easy to assemble and furthermore, it should be designed in such a way that it can be easily stored by folding until next use without occupying much of your space.


Permanence or durability is an important consideration when shopping for the right inversion table. As it is an investment that you make from your health point of view, it should last longer. Please check whether the table comes with manufacturer warranty, which will stand as a proof of quality and durability.

Final thoughts:

Besides considering the above-mentioned factors, you are recommended to read reviews of different inversion tables before arriving at your shopping decision. Also, weigh the pros and cons of different models before choosing one to get relief from back pain with the help of natural inversion therapy.