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The Best Inversion Table 2017

Ironman Gravity 4000 - The Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table on the market


  • Ironman Gravity 4000 is definitely the best one for stimulating circulation and reducing back stress.
  • Powder-coated finish, tubular steel frame and memory-foam nylon backrest.
  • Inversion: Up to 180°; Tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers.



Innova ITM4800 - The Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Therapy Table


  • Adjustable lumbar pad which helps the isolated vibration and heat therapeutic massage and heat.
  • Lots of settings for massage mode. For a complete massage experience, you can choose either auto or manual selection.
  • Large Energy Foam Comfort Backrest and padded removable head pillow, with Soft Touch Foam Handles



Teeter EP-560 Ltd. - The best Inversion Table having Useful Back Pain Relief Kit


  • Great value with the bonus Exercise DVD, the back pain relief stretch, Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge accessories; Stretch & Grip Handles.
  • Easy assembly; Full 5-year warranty; Quality tested to UL safety standards positions Teeter among the best selling inversion products.
  • Enhanced decompression with ComforTrak Bed and Lumbar Bridge which flexes with user.



Ironman IFT 4000 - The Infrared Therapy Inversion Table


  • Inversion therapy table with the advanced Far Infrared Radiation Technology.
  • Ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements in backrest help soothe muscles.
  • Reduces back pain and fatigue while increasing blood circulation.



Ironman IFT 1000 - The Infrared Therapy Inversion Table


  • Inversion therapy table with the advanced Far Infrared Radiation Technology.
  • Ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements in backrest help soothe muscles.
  • Reduces back pain and fatigue while increasing blood circulation.



Inversion Therapy and Disc Problem

Disc ProblemInversion therapy is the current topic of interest, research and analysis when it comes to alternative treatment for several medical issues like posture problems, muscle strain, disc problems and back pain that people face from time to time. Inversion therapy is not altogether new and has been in practice for quite some time now.

Inversion therapy, as the name suggests, means the methods of turning your body upside down to counterbalance the effects of gravity on the spinal cord. To aid this method of inversion or decompressing the spinal cord and the joints of the body, several devices like gravity boots, inversion tables and inversion chairs were invented.

The spotlight on the best inversion table has led to several research studies and analysis on the effectiveness of inversion therapy in treating a few bothersome medical problems.

You can read more about Inversion Therapy at Wikipedia.

The best Inversion Table gives you these Benefits:

Here’s a lowdown on the general benefits of inversion therapy

  • Helps to relax tired muscles: The muscles of the human body are continuously working. Inversion can help in giving relief from painful muscle spasms. Inversion therapy is one of those alternative treatment methods which may help in relaxing and rejuvenating the tired muscles in your body.
  • Stimulates better blood circulation: The inversion technique of putting your heart in a position above your head may counterbalance the ill effects of reduced blood circulation because of gravity and paves the way for cleaner blood to circulate more freely in the head and the body.
  • Improves posture: Slouching, as the years go by, is a common issue many people face. Bad posture can cause problems in your upper back and neck. Inversion therapy is beneficial to regain a better posture in a short span of time.
  • Reduces joint problems: There are several joints in the human body which are under continuous pressure as the workload increases and the effects of ageing are felt. The downward pull of gravity puts pressure on the joints and squeezes out the lubricating fluid from between the joints. Inversion may help in relieving the pressure on the weight-bearing joints.
  • Gives relief from disc pain: The discs in the back act as shock absorbers. The daily pressures of wear and tear on the spinal discs, causes compression and pain. Inversion therapy is recommended to give relief from the pain of ruptured discs and acts as a preventive too.
  • Relief from back pain: Back pain can be cumbersome and crippling. Inversion techniques have been clinically applied and scientifically acknowledged to bring some relief from several symptoms of back pain. Hanging upside down is considered a preventive for painful back problems and surgery.
  • Aids in the overall well-being of the spine: Inversion treatments come highly recommended for decompressing the spine. These treatments are a form of spinal traction, which improves the strength of the spinal cord and rejuvenates the spinal disks and gives relief from spinal pains.

The benefits of inversion therapy come with their own risks. Though, research suggests the helpfulness of inversion techniques in treating some medical issues, their effectiveness has always been questioned. Therefore, it is imperative to have a look at some of the risks involved in inversion treatment.

  • Intraocular pressure: One of the many side-effects of inverting your body upside down is that it may increase the pressure in your eye. People with retinal detachment or glaucoma are advised against using inversion therapy.
  • High blood Pressure: People suffering from high blood pressure are at a higher risk from the side effects of inversion therapy. They can undergo inversion therapy only under strict medical guidance.
  • Pregnancy, heart problems: People who have such conditions are also at higher risk from inversion techniques and are advised against it.
  • Episodes of acid reflux: Sometimes, acid refluxes i.e. episodes of stomach acid escaping into the oesophagus, is not uncommon. Gravity is what keeps the acid from reaching the oesophagus tract. People who frequently experience acid reflux should know that acid reflux and inversion techniques are a very dangerous combination.
  • Hernia conditions: Patients just recovering from hernia surgeries are also advised against inversion therapy. Seeking medical advice, before commencing inversion therapy is highly recommended.
  • Osteoporosis: Patients who have bone weakness or a recent fracture also stand at a greater risk from inversion therapy. Inversion may not effectively help such people and may only worsen their symptoms.

While there are different inversion techniques, inversion tables, are the most commonly resorted to devices for inverting. An overview of the best inversion tables may help you understand the technique better.

Inversion Table lowers your back pain

The Effectiveness of Inversion Tables:

Inversion tables are the most recommended products for inversion therapy, because they provide scope for more body control. They are flat in shape and are used flexibly to adjust the inversion angles from being completely upside down to a lesser angle or being horizontal and then completely upright. The inversion table’s angle can be adjusted to stretch the joints of the back and put less strain on the user’s feet, ankles, knees and other joints.

Many people find a complete inversion unnerving and too painful. Even experts deem a 100% inversion unnecessary for enjoying the benefits of this therapy. This is where the best inversion tables come to the rescue and provide flexibility in adjusting the angles to the convenience of the user. This makes inversion tables beneficial and more effective than other methods of inversion.

Inversion tables are convenient because they target a very common yet excruciating problem and provide relief for it. Inversion tables are hot selling products in the market today because they provide solutions to your day-to-day body pains and some medical issues within the confines and comfort of your home at your own time and pace.

However, it must be noted here that even the best inversion table requires the assistance of a second person to invert.

ironman itf 4000
ironman atis 4000
teeter ep 960

Inversion tables offer reliable solutions for disc problems, back pain and other medical issues:

Best Inversion Table

The backbone or the vertebral column of the body has vertebrae which are separated by soft discs. These discs are the shock absorbers and protect the spine from grievous injury. There is high pressure on these discs because of gravity which causes compression in them. This results in pain and causes problems like herniated discs or bulging discs and disc degeneration.

Herniated discs, commonly known as ruptured or slip discs occur when the soft centre part of the disc bulges out of place between two vertebrae. This puts pressure on the spinal cord and the nervous system. Disc pain can be agonizing. Hence, there is a need for prevention and early intervention.

The good news is that you don’t need the best inversion table to alleviate disc pain to a large extent by tackling the negative effects of gravity on ruptured discs and by relieving the pressure on them. Though, inversion tables may not provide you a complete, one-stop solution for your disc problems, that they do provide relief is scientifically proven.

If your disc problems are minor, inversion tables can often rectify your problems. If the pain and damage is intense, they may help in reducing the symptoms, thus causing some relief from day-to-day pain.

The best inversion table exercises help in reducing the stress on the discs and helps build the core strength of your back. This method may not be a long-term, permanent solution to your back pain and disc issues. However, when used in sync with a healthy lifestyle, inversion tables may be largely effective.

It is very important to take the guidance of a medical practitioner before venturing into inversion table therapy. Professional guidance will enable you to take a comprehensive approach to inversion tables as a solution for muscle rejuvenation, back-pain reduction, disc pain alleviation, relief from sciatica, cervical spinal stenosis and many such spine and back related medical problems.

Why inversion tables and not inversion boots or inversion chairs?

  • Inversion boots are aggressive and give a full invert. It is for those who can and are allowed a complete 180degree angling or a 100% inversion.
  • Inversion chairs help in taking the pressure off the vertebrae and your spinal cord mainly. Inversion happens from a sitting posture; therefore, the angle of inversion is minimal and the benefits are less versatile than that of the tables.
  • Inversion tables provide relief not only from back pains but also from joint pains and other issues which the inversion chairs cannot tackle.
  • The assembly and storage of inversion tables are more convenient than that of the inversion chairs.

Exercises that can be performed on the inversion table:

The best inversion table exercises can be very beneficial to your overall health and fitness. These exercises come with a certain degree of strenuousness. Inversion table exercises can be daunting and different from the regular exercises. Crunches, sit-ups, lumbar zone stretches are just some of the common exercises that are performed on the inversion table.

Begin at the very beginning:

Beginners to inversion tables need to keep in mind a few points before they invert on an inversion table. Some frequent doubts regarding inversion and their clarifications are listed below

  • What is the ideal duration of an inversion episode for a beginner?
  • What is the ideal degree of inversion for a beginner?
  • Is the pressure in the head while inverting, normal?
  • Can a beginner perform exercises on the best inversion table?

Some points to be noted before you begin inverting

  • There is no ideal duration for inversion as such. In the beginning a 1 or 2minute invert also feels incredible. The timing can be gradually increased depending on the comfort level of the user.
  • Start with a lesser angle or the lowest degree of inclination, say an angle of 15 – 20degrees for a few days till you become comfortable.
  • Slowly increase the angle when you become comfortable with the idea of hanging upside down. When your body gets accustomed to the change in blood flow and pressure points, increase the degree of inclination gradually.
  • Push your limits slowly and perform exercises only under professional guidance.
  • Stop when you feel uncomfortable.
  • The pressure one feels in the head is normal, because it indicates increased blood flow to the face, brain, hair, skin and eyes.

Inverting with the help of a table requires assistance and support. It is highly recommended that inversion therapy be followed only after seeking professional advice and guidance.

Some FAQs regarding to Inversion tables

What are the risks associated with the use of inversion tables?

People with a few medical conditions like glaucoma, heart ailments, osteoporosis and the like stand a greater risk when using inversion tables. The problems associated with even the best inversion table occur because of improper and misguided usage. It must be understood that inversion tables provide relief and not a complete long term cure.

What is the best inversion table in the market now?

There are several best inversion tables with different functionalities, prices and expectations. A scrutiny of what you need to know before purchasing one and an overview of the different tables in the market could help you arrive at a good decision.

What is the ideal cost of an inversion table suitable for me?

Inversion tables come at different prices. Good quality ones with useful features and functionalities are available at decent prices. Knowing about the different tables, their features and prices may help in making the correct choice.

Who can use inversion tables?

Inversion tables can be used by anyone who does not suffer from the medical symptoms of glaucoma, heart disease and the like. They are used by a variety of common people suffering from back pain, ruptured discs and joints pain. Inversion tables are also used by professional sportsmen and sportswomen. These are used in gyms and medical facilities.

Bonus: The 6 Best Inversion Table Buying Tips for you!

One of the most revolutionary and far-reaching inventions of the modern times is inversion table. Designed to hold the user upside down, they not only target a problem but also offer an efficient solution for it. They reverse the effect of gravity and, as a result, prevent gravity from exerting a downward force on the user. Scientific evidence has proven that these tables can change the flow of your blood. Moreover, they can help your lymphatic system as well to extract and draw toxins from the system.

The popularity of inversion tables is continuously increasing, and they are being used by several people from various professionals, including athletics and medical. In addition to this, these tables are being used in households as they offer you a way to get relief from back pain and ease its symptoms. However, with so many models available with different features, designs, and functions, it can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task to pick and buy one. To assist you in your purchase, here is a guide to choosing the best inversion table to match your requirements.

About Inversion Tables

For those who are hearing about inversion table for the very first time, let’s get to know a little about them before considering their qualities and features. As claimed by scientists and physicians, the tables are basically used for alleviating the symptoms that are associated with a backache. Although they do not come with any weight attached, they are often referred to as weight machines. In fact, it is the user’s body that acts as the weight and the table offers the tools required to work and stretch the back and joints of the body. As mentioned earlier, it can reverse the effects of gravity and prevent it from pulling you downwards.



Every best inversion table comes with a different frame construction. It is the frame that determines at how many degrees you can tilt, which is why it should be one of the main aspects to look at when purchasing the table. The frame should be durable and sturdy because in the beginning, you will tilt at lower angles, such as 30 to 35 degrees, but after a few months, you may want to tilt up to ninety degrees. The larger the frame, the more stable the inversion table will be. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you will be able to fit on it comfortably, so purchase the one that is appropriate according to your weight and height. You will find the maximum tilting capacity listed with the maximum and minimum weight a table can withstand in its specifications section.

Back Pads and Comfort

While it is pretty obvious that thicker pads are far more comfortable than the thinly lined ones, bulkier does not always mean more comfortable. It is important to go for the best inversion table that is constructed from high-quality materials as that will provide enhanced comfort over extended durations. You might come across some cheap tables that will have low-quality filling in their pads, which will cause you discomfort if you use them for longer periods. Molded beds with honeycomb or mesh design are very sturdy and can provide utmost comfort. Moreover, it is important to know that a few inversion tables come with removable pads that can be used for other exercises as well, which makes these tables a better option.

Motor Capabilities

A few newer and more advanced inversion table models come with built-in motors that can automatically invert the table for you. These motors help in the tilting process, so you will not be required to tilt the table up and down manually. All you need to do is simply flick the switch, and the table will invert itself.

Ab-Building Capabilities 

Some models are quite versatile and can serve more than one purpose, such as the Ironman ATIS 1000. This particular table comes with the ab-building capability. If you want an invertible table to not only invert but also improve the shape of your body, having a multi-purpose table can be very beneficial. It will allow you to work on your abdominal area while tilting.

Platform and Clamps

Every inversion table has different platforms and clamps. The clamps are useful to strap around your ankles when you are tilting, while the platform supports your body, helping you feel safe. Since different people have different feet size, it is recommended to purchase a table with an adjustable platform. In addition to this, a padded knee bar can be a quite useful tool as well that will prevent your ankles from hanging.

Vibration Pads

Attached as extras to the best inversion table, vibration pads are useful in the relaxing and muscle-working process. If you are big on sports massages, it will be a good decision to opt for tables that have vibration pads as it can be an ideal way to wind down in the evening. Also, they will serve as a massaging chair, so you can save your money by not paying frequent visits to your masseuse.

Another Three Best-Selling Inversion Tables

Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

This sturdy and multi-angle table features a soft foam padded backrest and height adjustability. It is constructed with a heavy-duty square steel frame of 1.5 inches and has the capability to withstand the maximum weight of 300 pounds. The table has extra-long and full loop safety handlebars along with adjustable tether strap for easy and safe tilting up and down.

Innova ITX9600 – Inversion Table with Heavy Duty Deluxe

With the option to adjust to any of the five positions, this inversion table comes with a comfortable padded backrest and an adjustable headrest pad. It also comes with straps that help in inverting and coming back upright.

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

This strong and durable table is one of the best inversion tables for stimulating circulation and minimizing back stress. It is designed with a memory-foam nylon backrest and a tubular steel frame and finished with powder coating. With tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers, it is possible to title the table up to 180 degrees.